Richard D. Long

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1981 – Bachelor of Science-Biology, University of Regina

1986 – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan


International Sled Dog Association

Chartered member since its inception

Board member since 1997

1986-1995 Yukon Quest Veterinarian

1996 John Beargrease-Sled Dog Marathon

1996 Head Veterinarian, Gold Rush 200

1996  Facilities Chairman, ISDVMA Symposium Edmonton

1996, 97, 98 Rocky Mountain Stage Stop Sled Dog Race

1998 Iditarod

1999, 2000  Head Veterinarian in the Yukon Quest

2001, 03  Race to the Sky, Montana

2002  Iditarod

2004 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

2005  Finnmarkslopet, Norway

2006  Pirena Sled Dog Race, Spain

2007  Race to the Sky, Montana

2008 Pirena Sled Dog Race, Spain

2009, 10, 11, 12 Pirena and Finnmarkslopet, Norway

2013 Nord Hope Race, Russia and Finnmarkslopet, Norway, Wartrail 150 South Africa, Hunter Valley Dryland Race, Australia

2014  Polardistans, Sweden Local Sprint Races

Published Author on Sled Dog Injuries   (Compendium of Continuing Education: Vol. 15 #3)


Practicing Veterinarian since 1986

Owner of Yellowhead Veterinary Clinic – Pet Practice since 1991

Vice President ISDVMA

Member of the Alberta and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association